Swift OOP Patterns and Principles

I’m always fascinated how to best apply the intersection of object oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming that is made available in Swift. Having come from a Java background, I’m much more inclined to flex my object oriented skills when a problem arises. I came across two great GitHub repos today from the same author, Oktawian Chojnacki. These repos are actually more of a reference than an open source code base. Oktawian created one repo that shows Swift OOP Patterns, and another for Swift OOP Principles. I actually had my own failed attempt at documenting Swift OOP Patterns here. I’m just including that for laughs as I abandoned the project, but it’s good to know that the idea was relevant and it’s exciting to come across someone else who was able to successfully execute it. I’ll definitely be starring and bookmarking these projects from Oktawian for future reference. And what’s even cooler about these pages and playgrounds is that Oktawian actually links out to more formal definition and further reading about each principle and pattern. It’s great having all this documentation consolidated within one easy to reference resource.

The Swift Patterns and Principles

I know I need to develop those functional programming muscles, but it’s too exciting not to pass along cool resources for Swift OOP patterns and principles when I find them. How are you making out with your balance of OOP and functional paradigms in your Swift? Do you have any similar resources for getting up to speed or improving your functional programming toolset? If so, you absolutely must send them to me, because I’m looking for anything and everything available on that topic.

6 days until WWDC 2016… The countdown continues.

Until next time, happy cleaning.