Post-Weekend Reading, June 20, 1016

Post-Weekend Reading for June 20, 2016, click here

Happy Monday fellow Clean Swifters. How was your WWDC 2016 week? I wasn’t able to make the conference in-person so I’m furiously watching as many videos as possible.

Normally, I like to get this link round-up out on Fridays. Sorry, I’m a day late. My wife and I threw a huge party this past weekend and I got caught up with prep work and wasn’t able to get this out in time. The good news is that I was able to dig up a couple links I wouldn’t have found on Friday.

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Happy cleaning.

Weekend Reading, June 3, 2016

Weekend Reading, click here

Happy Friday there fellow clean swifters. WWDC 2016 is only one week away! What’s on your wish list? I’m trying a new format on Friday’s. Rather than a typical blog post, I’m going to post a collection of interesting links around the web that I found for you.

In the mean time, I’d love to hear from you, what topics are you interested in hearing about on Just comment on this post and let me know.

Happy cleaning