Ellen Shapiro on Code Coverage

Source: Fabio Oliveira, Twitter

I caught this great picture on Twitter of Ellen Shapiro presenting at UIKonf last week in Berlin.

Now, I’m not totally sure of the topic of the talk, but having heard first hand of Ellen’s passion on automated testing, and seeing this slide, I’m pretty sure it’s content would be something that I would endorse here at cleanswifter.com.

If you aren’t following Ellen, you should be. I’ve seen her present several times, and she is my colleague on the raywenderlich.com iOS team. Besides Twitter, here’s an appearance of her’s on the raywenderlich.com podcast that you’ll enjoy.

I’ll even leave you with a fun story from the first time that I met her. This was back at a CocoaConf in the fall of 2014 in Boston. During an impromptu lunch time session where developers could show off their own apps, Ellen stepped up to give a demo of Hum. It’s an app for musicians to help record little bits of audio so they can remember it later, for use when you’re songwriting. A major part of the app has to do with recording audio so you can listen to it later. Ellen blew people away in the demo by belting out, herself, solo and acapella, the opening line to Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. I think I speak on behalf of the whole room, that I was blown away by its awesomeness. I was a fan for life, and that’s before I came to learn about her passion for high quality iOS code.

If you ever get to meet Ellen, tell her the Clean Swifter says Hi.

Happy cleaning.

PS – Thirsting for a tutorial? I’ve got something good planned for tomorrow- how to run your first XCTest on Amazon Device Farm. Be sure to come back and check it out.

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